It’s our First Anniversary!

Art Weaver Studio is one year old this week!  A whole 12 months of sharing Saori weaving with wonderful people in the studio. Delighting in seeing others grow their own creativity as they free themselves to explore and play with yarn and simple weave structures. Hands and minds engaged in making their own cloth without restraint. What a wonderful year it has been!

If you haven’t yet visited Art Weaver Studio, please give me a call to arrange a visit to have some Saori fun yourself. You just might find it addictive (and good medicine as well)!

IMG_0672 - Copy (745x800)

Last week I returned from some amazing travels and textile explorations through Vietnam. The highlight of my adventure was in spending time in far northern Vietnam with women from the Black Hmong and Red Dao minority, learning about hemp weaving, natural indigo dyeing,wax resist batik and embroidery. Using the simplest of tools and equipment, beautiful cloth is made as part of their everyday lives. This handmade cloth has meaning and value far beyond anything that is factory produced.

A challenge to social enterprise groups working in this region is helping these communities simultaneously retain their unique heritage and adapt to inevitable growth and demands of a modern world. One such organisation is Sapa O’Chau, a local initiative doing just that. If you would like to find about their work and culture, visit to see what they are about.

Happy 1st anniversary Art Weaver Studio!