SHIRYOKU exhibition

As part of the ImmerseArt festival for the City of Knox, I am exhibiting at The Butlers’ Pantry, Rowville. This is the second year I have been involved in this innovative exhibition program, right here in Melbourne: 30 exhibitions, 30 days, 30 venues. From 12 November to 12 December, you’ll see a range of works from street art to stencils, textiles to ceramics, sculpture to photography, glass to installation:

My exhibition is titled SHIRYOKU,  Japanese for sight. Six hand woven panels allow a different way through which to see the space beyond. Hanging in front of expansive windows, the colour and threads interlace to create distortions and filters to our sight. These panels are variously undyed or hand dyed in varying shades of indigo.  In contrast, two other panels incorporate vibrant colour, changing in their relationship to adjacent colours and our individual response to them. Come by The Butlers’ Pantry during the exhibition period and take a look !