Sensory Saori

With 2016 well underway and lots of new and returning weavers in the studio, I’m pondering on some of the reasons that Saori weaving brings such evident joy to each weaver. In watching and listening to each person as they choose yarns, apply different techniques, sit at the looms and create; I see a wide ranges of senses involved.


Sight – first responses to the kaleidoscope of colour that is the yarn wall in the studio; visual surprises in interactions of colours and fibres on the looms

Touch – so many different fibres and textures, each giving different feedback to the hand

Hearing –  moments of quiet absorption and bursts of excited responses to outcomes in the weaving

Movement –  upper body engaged in throwing & catching the shuttle, feet engaged in rhythmically switching pedals

Sharing all of this with other weavers in the studio enriches and broadens the experience that is Saori weaving. The wonderful SAORI looms enable this approach to hand weaving to be truly complete. Every time you sit at the loom it is a new experience. The outcome is unknown. This cloth is your expression alone!


Colours Explosions at Saturday Workshop Nov 2015