What is SAORI Weaving?

Misao Jo (1913 – 2018) founder of SAORI weaving,

wrote over 40 years ago,

“The spirit of weaving exists in the spirit of living a life freely and faithfully to your true self, apart from conventional ways.”

Her son Kenzo Jo and other family members continue their dedication to sharing the joy of SAORI weaving with the world.

Saorinomori Studio

Saorinomori Studio, Osaka, Japan

The four slogans of SAORI, set down by Misao Jo and Kenzo Jo in 1975, remain as the underpinning philosophy of SAORI weaving.

  1. Consider the difference between a machine and a human being
  2. Be bold and adventurous
  3. Look out through eyes that shine
  4. Inspire one another, and everyone in the group

SAORI has grown throughout Japan and now far beyond, enabling people of all abilities to freely weave, and through weaving, discover their own kansei – their unique aesthetic.

Saorinomori Gallery & Shop

Saorinomori Gallery & Shop


Weaving with Kenzo Jo at Saorinomori studio, Osaka, Japan

Weaving with Kenzo Jo at Saorinomori studio, Osaka, Japan

In 2004, Kenzo Jo built Saorinomori, a SAORI weaving studio and loom manufacturing centre in Izumi, Osaka, Japan. Saorinomori is built in the same place where Misao Jo started SAORI weaving over 40 years ago.

To learn more about SAORI, visit their website (in both Japanese and English) at www.saorilooms.com  and  www.saorinomori.com