What Inspires me?

I am regularly asked how do I get the ideas for my weaving, and just how much do I plan?

SAORI weaving is underpinned by the ideas of seeing the world around us with fresh eyes and responding directly on the loom. Structured pre-planning is minimised and only brought into play if essential. My ideas for weaving are really little different to my ideas for painting, drawing and any other form of expressive art.

Formal studies in fields related to architecture, interior design, colour theory, history of textiles and design principles and more all intertwine with my experience in the wider world. When travelling I am drawn to shape and form, colour, shadows and textures. Many times, others around me are photographing places, whereas I am focussing my attention on surface design, tile patterns, architectural forms, plant closeups and tree bark. Often without a camera – just in my mind’s eye. From the simplest to the complex, we can find inspiration everywhere and anywhere!

Currently I am fascinated by shapes in traditional Japanese pottery and the muted, often metallic glazes used. When visiting Koito pattery in Hide-Takayama in the mountains of Japan in 2013, I brought back some wonderful Ao-Irabo (cobalt blue) iron glazed pottery made from clay dug in the local area (see pic below).  This is translating through my hands into weaving for an exhibition later this year. Influencing yarn selection, colour choices and moment by moment decisions during the weaving itself. SAORI weaving gives me this wonderful freedom to express MYSELF through weaving.

Come and visit us in the studio and discover how you can express YOURSELF through Saori weaving too!

Koito Japanese pottery