Heather Walters: public exhibitions
  • Chameleons Armour

    for Love, Loss & What I Wore, COPACC 2014
  • Memory Patterns

    for Red Rock Gallery 2014
  • One Degree: Ice-Flows

    Large scale hanging, handwoven on 4-shaft floor loom, linen warp, wool weft.
  • One Degree: Heat-Shimmer

    Wall hanging, woven on 8-shaft loom, wool warp & weft.
  • Forbidden Colours 1

    Wall hanging, woven on 4-shaft loom, plain weave, wool & cotton.
  • Forbidden Colours 2

    Wall hanging, woven on 4-shaft loom, honeycomb draft, wool & cotton.
  • Forbidden Colours 3 & 4

    Wall hangings woven on 4 shaft loom, wool, cotton, acrylic.
  • Neckpiece-for-Nefertitti

    Handwoven on 4-shaft loom, honeycomb draft, edged in copper, incorporating hand beaded decoration and clasp.
  • Connected Voices 1 (2011)

    Left: Linen with drawn thread work and hand stitching. Right: Handwoven torn sari silk, incorporating felting and hand stitching.