Discover your own creativity in 2015

With the new year underway,  new students are already discovering Saori weaving for themselves at Art Weaver Studio.

The first Saori Saturday for the year was held on 17th January with both returning and brand new weavers. Explorations of creativity using cottons, silks, handspun, mettalics and more, each weaver made their own discoveries and their own beautiful handwoven cloth to take home.

The joy of Saori weaving is extended further by incorporating yarns and silk cloth hand-dyed with indigo extracted from our own Japanese indigo plant.  New bright cottons from Saori in Japan are also in the studio, with an ever-growing wall of yarn to select from when visiting the studio to weave.

Whether you come for 3 hours or a full day, weaving with others always brings something new to your own inspiration. Sharing and learning together has a powerful synergy that adds to us all. Join us at Art Weaver Studio in 2015, for the first time or a return visit!

Barbara's 1st Saori weave

Barbara’s 1st Saori weave