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Seasonal SAORI Salutations !

Wishing all past, present and future Art Weaver Studio weavers a wonderful holiday season. May it be a time of refreshing, renewal and some rest! It has been a real delight for me to meet and share my passion for Saori weaving with so many creative and inspiring people during 2014. I am looking forward […]

What do I make with SAORI handwoven cloth?

Apart from just gazing in admiration at your beautiful creations, people often ask what to DO with their handwoven cloth? Garments are just one of many options, so I have written up several patterns for post-production , including an amazing fun No-Sew Saori hat and 3 completely different bags and more.  They can all be downloaded […]

More Weaving Adventures

Saturday 4th October saw six complete beginners sit down at Saori looms and weave up a storm! In just 3 hours this group each created unique and individually designed handwoven cloth, ranging from 50cm to 150cm long. Bright contrasts, soft subtle blends, twisted & textured and striking graphics all emerged over the morning session.  Here’s a brief peek […]

Student Weaving on a Saori Saturday

The first Saturday in Spring saw some wonderfully creative Saori weaving in the studio. Freedom to use colours, yarns and techniques to express each weaver in their handwoven cloth. Every piece as individual as its creator!  To see more pics, visit the Student Gallery page. With October & November Saori Saturdays already booked out, start […]

Opportunities for MORE Spring Saori Weaving fun

With the first Saori Spring Saturday 6th September  FULL,  plans are afoot for just 2 more Saturdays during Spring 2014. 25th October  10am to 5 pm  (6 hrs weaving)  –   Filling fast, so email to check for availability. 15th November  10am to 5pm (6 hrs weaving)  –  Last SATURDAY workshop for 2014. Open for forward […]

Saori Spring Saturday 6th September

Freestyle Weaving Workshop Get started into Spring with a fun and inspiring Saori weaving workshop on the first Saturday of September 2014. Only 6 places available for this full day workshop (10am to 5pm) so book early! * Saori weaving loom ready to use for each participant * Wall of yarns to select for your […]

Exploring with new colours

Weaving with new colours is always exciting, as it is only when the threads interlace to form the woven cloth that you really see the result. Inspired by the colours of faded hydrangea blooms, this cloth unifies different blues, pinks and greens in a surprising mix. Saori weaving always allows plenty of opportunity to explore […]

Winter Brights

Rich colours and lots of texture, starting with my favourite peacock greens and blues and moving into ruby wine reds. A glimpse at new weaving in the studio this month. Come along and weave your own winter brights!

Autumn Days

With the balmy mid-autumn days lately, the newest studio weaving conjures up images of soft sands and lapping waves as we say goodbye to summer.  Hand-dyed fine cottons and silk fibres combine to create this light gauzey cloth.   .                Changing weather and new wool fibres in the […]

Studio Launch Party

Close to 50 people joined us on Saturday evening for the Art Weaver Studio official launch party! On a balmy autumn evening there was lots of talk, laughter, champagne and people trying out weaving on the wonderful Saori looms. Friends of all ages and from different backgrounds came together to be part of this celebration. […]