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SAORI Serenity and more

Some days SAORI weaving is a riot of colours, textures & techniques. Immersed into energetic creation on the loom. Other days, SAORI weaving is the simplicity of monochromatic or muted colours, minimal techniques and the peaceful serenity of smoothly throwing a shuttle. How wonderful that SAORI can be all those things! The complete individuality of approach to […]

SHIRYOKU exhibition

As part of the ImmerseArt festival for the City of Knox, I am exhibiting at The Butlers’ Pantry, Rowville. This is the second year I have been involved in this innovative exhibition program, right here in Melbourne: 30 exhibitions, 30 days, 30 venues. From 12 November to 12 December, you’ll see a range of works from street […]

Give yourself permission

I regularly encourage people in the studio to say   “WHAT IF ……….”. To give yourself permission to explore, to experiment, to try out and to play. With your own ideas. Not what someone else told you or taught you. Not being restricted by inner or outer directives. To ignore the querying voices that say “what will it be?”  “what are you […]

Sensory Saori

With 2016 well underway and lots of new and returning weavers in the studio, I’m pondering on some of the reasons that Saori weaving brings such evident joy to each weaver. In watching and listening to each person as they choose yarns, apply different techniques, sit at the looms and create; I see a wide ranges of senses […]

KANSEI Exhibition

This past couple of months I have been working towards a joint exhibition with ceramic artist Deanne Roberts at the invitation of IMMERSE, a new arts festival sponsored by the City of Knox. KANSEI will be held at the Knox Civic Centre Foyer, a beautiful spacious area with an adjoining atrium garden. My works are in […]

What Inspires me?

I am regularly asked how do I get the ideas for my weaving, and just how much do I plan? SAORI weaving is underpinned by the ideas of seeing the world around us with fresh eyes and responding directly on the loom. Structured pre-planning is minimised and only brought into play if essential. My ideas for weaving are […]

What is your KANSEI ?

“…..the weaving itself is just a tool to express our true selves. The only aim of SAORI weaving is to express our minds freely without regulations. In creative activities, the thought process means much more than the technique.  Simply put, everything was leading me to comprehend that kansei is inherent in everyone. “ Misao Jo Misai […]

Winter Weaving

Winter has arrived early here in Melbourne! Despite the cold outside, Art Weaver Studio is warm, snug and inviting. Saori weaving is great for creating your own cloth to turn into winter garments or accessories. Wools of many colours, textures and weights are here to use in your weaving. There are 6 Saori looms, warped up and ready to go! […]

It’s our First Anniversary!

Art Weaver Studio is one year old this week!  A whole 12 months of sharing Saori weaving with wonderful people in the studio. Delighting in seeing others grow their own creativity as they free themselves to explore and play with yarn and simple weave structures. Hands and minds engaged in making their own cloth without restraint. What a […]

Discover your own creativity in 2015

With the new year underway,  new students are already discovering Saori weaving for themselves at Art Weaver Studio. The first Saori Saturday for the year was held on 17th January with both returning and brand new weavers. Explorations of creativity using cottons, silks, handspun, mettalics and more, each weaver made their own discoveries and their […]